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Team addicted to results

Our Dev Team has achieved great results so far and we believe we can accomplish much more with professionals like you!

Our top challenges

Expansion to new markets

Infrastructure for 10 mil. customers monthly

Mobile web with PWA

Warehouse management system

Releases platform

...and many more projects prepared by our product team

Challenges that we are solving:

Web conversion rate and mobile web optimisation

Web stability and speed for 10mil. users monthly (every second of speed improvement or with no outage helps our business)

Implementation of foreign localization

- we want to have standard not only in CZ but also in another 10 EU countries;

- implementing improvements and new technologies for payment systems and logistics.

Efficiency of internal warehouse procesess

We are developing an internal warehouse management system and infrastructure for orders handling and automatization

Easy search as a way to desired sneakers

We want to have answer for your question and Elasticsearch helps us with that.

Loyalty program

We want our customers to have something more than in a regular shop.

Data, data and more data

Data, data and more data

Technologies behind our projects:




Our approach:


In our thinking and designing projects and features, we work in 1 week sprints


We are testing ideas and iterating quickly

A/B testing

We are able to easily test almost any frontend feature and see the real impact of our work.

Continuous delivery and deployment

We deploy at least 2 times per day

Why work with us:

Your work has an immediate impact

Everything starts with an idea

Implement minimum viable product

Ship it

A/B test it and gather data

Validate and iterate